Our Truth


“I am grateful for all my problems. After each one was overcome, I became stronger and more able to meet those that were still to come. I grew in all my difficulties.” – James Penney

I am neither the first (nor the last) to face hardship, roadblocks and the difficult struggles of life.  Some have suffered less, others more than I.  However – it is not the degree and severity of one’s hardship that is important.  It is the person.  A person can choose to let the struggle destroy them – or a person can allow the struggle to teach them.  To help them.  To mold them into a stronger, unbreakable human being.

I look forward to the struggle. Not because I enjoy pain.

Because I look forward to the person I can become. I have faced the struggle – and I didn’t bow down.

StrongWill and StrongHeart were created because of the struggle.  It is my gateway to becoming stronger.  I can only hope that it will help those who decide to never accept less and never yield.